Red Rose Cane Furniture is one of the oldest and largest furniture showroom in Dhaka (Bangladesh). This showroom has established 1990. Last 30 Years to present we are trying to provide best quality cane product to our customers. We also provide interior product to our customer. Our product is Eco-Friendly, Long term sustainable, Modern, Royal and Stylish.

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Ensures the best quality Long lasting, sustainable & light weight furniture ENSURES THE COMFORT MODERN & STYLISH lIVE IN A NATURE & BE A PART OF A PART OF TRADITIONAL DECORE

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We Sell Cane Furniture

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We Repair Cane Furniture

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We Sell Cushions, Pillows and mattress

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We Sell Cane curtain and bamboo curtain

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We Sell Bamboo and Wooden Furniture

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We Sell Leather and all kinds of fabrics for cushion cover

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We Restore and Refurnish


We have been operating our business since 1993. We have a 5000 square feet showroom in Banani, Dhaka. 1213. We are the oldest cane furniture shop in Bangladesh. We have our own factory and experienced workers. We made our product in our own factory. We make customized designs and our products are 100 percent handmade. That is why our product is environmentally friendly. By looking at our product, you can see the mix of the modern and the traditional royal rattan future. We have our own designers whose jobs are to make unique customized cane furniture online design. We also follow tradition rattan furniture design

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