Swimming Pool Furniture

Redrose Cane Furniture Supply sells commercial pool furniture, outdoor swimming pool furniture, pool deck and patio furniture for commercial use. Redrose cane Furniture made in Swimming Pool Furniture.

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Cane Basket

Red rose cane furniture is the largest furniture shop in Bangladesh.in here , many kinds of cane basket design you get. We provided the best quality basket.


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Modern Cane Bed

A cane bed is a chic and timeless choice for a bed frame. red rose cane furniture provides the best cane bed.

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Cane Rocking Chair

Redrose cane furniture provides many items of furniture. Best quality cane rocking chair.

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Cane sofa

Red rose cane furniture is the largest cane furniture in Bangladesh. There are various quality full cane furniture.

Best cane sofa furniture you get in  red rose cane furniture

Red rose cane furniture – Rattan furniture – Home decorator

Are you looking for cane Furniture in Bangladesh? Red rose cane furniture is the one best cane  furniture manufacturer and biggest retail  cane furniture  seller in Bangladesh.

About us:

Red rose cane furniture is one of the oldest cane furniture store in Bangladesh. We are operating this business since 1990. We import raw material cane from Indonesia and Barma. We have our own factory. Our product is 100 percent handmade product. We have thirty years of experience in this sector. We have our own designer whose job to design unique furniture. We have very skilled and experienced worker in our factory. Red cane furniture has three furniture store in Banani, Dhaka1213. Red rose cane furniture has a largest cane furniture showroom in Bangladesh. The showroom is 4000 square feet which is also located in Banani.


Our main mission is to produce best quality cane product. By looking at our product you can see the mixture of traditional and the modern furniture design. We continuously customized our products by our designer to give you experience of the unique design. So that our customer can get the export quality cane product. We are producing environment friendly cane furniture product. Cane furniture is a part of Bangladeshi culture. We are producing best quality cane furniture product for our customers and continuously promotes Bangladeshi culture


Save the tree save them environment avoid plastic products and use environment friendly products Perhaps our main aim to make people conscious about our environment. Before they using any furniture products which will cause harm to environment make them think about the environment. For example, tree is the most important thing for the environment. People are cutting the trees randomly without thinking about the environment to make wooden furniture and the worsen part regarding this matter is that people are buying these products which are very harmful for the environment without thinking about the environment. Our main vision is to make the environment better though make people conscious about the environment.

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Premium quality cane product made of import Indonesian cane. Indonesian cane furniture  is one of the finest and best quality cane in the World . We have operating this business since 1993. We have experience and skill worker. We have our own factory .Product made in our own factory. Our products are 100 percent handmade product. That is why our product is environment   friendly. By looking our products you can see the mix of the modern and the tradition royal rattan future. We have our own designer whose jobs are to make unique customize cane furniture design .We also follow tradition rattan furniture online Price and simple  design.