Premium quality cane product made of import Indonesian cane. Indonesian cane is one of the finest and best quality cane in the world . We have operating this business since 1993. We have experience and skill worker. We have our own factory.Product made in our own factory. Our products are 100 percent handmade product. That is why our product is environment   friendly. By looking our products you can see the the mix of the modern and the tradition royal rattan future. We have our own designer whose jobs are to make unique customize cane furniture design.We also follow tradition rattan furniture design.

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Cane basket Are you planning to give your patio an extremely new look? If you were planning to buy some new furniture, selecting the outdoor wicker furniture would be right choice for you. There are several benefits associated with finding the outdoor wicker furniture. Furniture prepared with wicker comes in different stuff that includes rattan, bamboo, reed and even paper fiber that are woven jointly in an outline to form a net. Rattan, a plant linked to palm that grows richly in nature, is the toughest among the four stated.   Synthetic matter, which includes polyethylene and fiberglass, can also be finished into furniture having wicker design. However, such synthetic materials are normally woven on an aluminum frame to give additional stability and toughness while maintaining its being unimportant.   Now, Wicker furniture manufacturer implies several benefits of having wicker for your patio. Thinking that patio furniture is uncovered to the elements of nature, the furniture you decide should be able to survive that and outdoor wicker furniture is simply that sort of piece of furniture. Durability Durability is another significant factor with Wicker furniture as it is similar to other types of furniture deficiency the heavy weight, which turns this furniture ideal especially as there will be times when you will require to move the furniture to locations where it will be less exposed to straight sunlight; though they can survive the weather, contact to direct sunlight for long time periods can harm the furniture. Why this furniture? Cane furniture is a good choice when it comes to affordability and something different. It can be a bit confusing when you see the terms “wicker” and “rattan” used interchangeably. As noted above, wicker is more the style of furniture, while rattan is an actual material.   Rattan is actually a group of plants, which includes more than 600 prolific, fibrous plant species that grow in a number of ways, from shrubs to climbing vines. Some species can grow more than 300 feet in length making rattan an abundant, sustainable resource for manufacturing a style of wicker furniture. Because many wicker products are made from natural materials, exposure to the elements is not recommended (except for all-weather wicker). Moisture and sunlight can cause damage to rattan and other wicker materials over time. Enjoy your wicker furniture indoors or in a covered outdoor environment for longevity. Used since ancient times for basket weaving and other domestic purposes, the wicker furniture style saw a revival in the 1960s and 1970s, known for its natural simplicity. Now, as it once again surges in popularity, professional and novice designers are enjoying its natural, hue that brings warmth to any room while being neutral enough to blend with nearly any color scheme.   Due to its versatility and flexibility, rattan can be bent and curved to create beautiful, organically shaped furniture that adds a textural element to a room. The long stems of rattan are commonly used for furniture, but other parts of the plant can be used as well.   Since it’s indigenous to tropical regions, rattan is a durable wicker material choice due to its natural resistance to insects and ability to withstand various temperatures and high humidity. There are also synthetic versions of wicker that are low maintenance and ideal for outdoor applications. Weaving Weaving is an intricate, hand-crafted form of wicker that can take from one to four days, depending on the type and complexity of the piece. The tighter the rattan weave, the longer it takes to complete the furniture piece and the more costly the process. Rattan strips are attached and woven over the frame in an open (spaced) or closed (tight) weave. Pier 1’s wicker is the highest quality thanks to the extra steps taken to exceed industry standards, including:   Only large, sturdy rattan strands are used Rattan is bleached prior to construction to ensure even color Paint is evenly applied to each piece, which is then sanded and lacquered for a smooth, consistent finish Each piece is painted or stained completely, including backs and bottoms Each piece is reinforced with cross-bracing for maximum stability Foot glides are included on all Pier 1 wicker furniture to protect floors Chairs When you think of wicker furniture, chairs are likely one of the first pieces that come to mind. Pier 1 proudly offers this quintessential wicker piece in a variety of styles from formal dining chairs to the bohemian Swingasan®. Choose from hand-woven rattan and wood chairs, or durable, synthetic wicker materials to withstand the outdoor elements. Whatever your vibe – coastal, classic, modern, or vintage – Pier 1 has the perfect wicker chair. Dining Sets Whether you want a classic indoor dining set, or a playful outdoor patio set, wicker is a timeless option that complements any style. Match wicker furniture with your color scheme or even a classic Bistro Chair pattern. Wicker gives you the freedom to show off your design sense, while embracing the wicker trend.   Bedroom Sets The natural look of wicker materials is a perfect addition to a cozy bedroom, adding texture, shape, and style to your personal space. Go bold with a hand-woven abaca fiber headboard, or keep it airy with a natural rattan headboard that brings a fresh perspective to a vintage classic.   Outdoor Sets Keep continuity in style from indoors to outdoors with a wicker patio set. Outdoor wicker furniture is often handcrafted with synthetic rattan to create supportive, long-lasting pieces that you can enjoy for years to come. Choose a blend of materials like rattan and glass or rattan and rust-resistant metals to effortlessly match your style. Maintenance Vacuum regularly to remove dust. Occasionally clean with a wood cleaner to remove grime and retain natural luster. On dark wicker, use a furniture polish containing a matching stain. If furniture is exposed to moisture and develops mildew, simply wipe the affected area with ¼ cup bleach added to 1 quart of water. Test first on an inconspicuous spot as this solution may lighten the rattan’s color slightly. Rinse with a wet cloth and allow to dry completely. When using this method, be sure to take the item outdoors and wear protective goggles, gloves with cuffs, and old clothing. To maintain your wicker furniture’s like-new appearance, apply a fresh coat of semi-gloss or gloss lacquer every few years. Why Wicker Furniture is Right for Your Home If you thought wicker furniture was outdated or only for outside purposes, think again. Wicker styles like cane are seeing a resurgence in popularity and are a wonderful textural element to liven up a bland space. And it’s not just furniture – use wicker baskets to brighten up a corner for attractive storage, or hide dirty laundry in a tall, woven hamper. Why Wicker Furniture is Right for Your Home If you thought wicker furniture was outdated or only for outside purposes, think again. Wicker styles like cane are seeing a resurgence in popularity and are a wonderful textural element to liven up a bland space. And it’s not just furniture – use wicker baskets to brighten up a corner for attractive storage, or hide dirty laundry in a tall, woven hamper.
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